Memories and Moments

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As you plan your wedding, think about the moments that will create memories. Taking a few minutes to think about some things that show or represent you as a couple to make your wedding feel more like you. You’ll want to create a vibe that shows your personality as a couple. Remember this is your wedding and you want to show your love for each other, what you both enjoy together as a couple, and throw in a little about … Continue reading “Memories and Moments”

Vendors, Vendors, Vendors

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The average wedding in the United States has 14 individual vendors. (LINK) And, that doesn’t include your bridal party, parents, families, or friends. As the couple getting married, it’s your job to keep them all organized, on track, paid, and informed. So, you may be asking, how do I do that and not loose my mind? Well, my best tip is to get yourself a binder and create a dedicated digital folder, both for files and in your emails. Then, … Continue reading “Vendors, Vendors, Vendors”

Dressing Up or Down?

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There are many different types of dress code or attire for weddings. First and foremost, as a host you need to decide what vibe you want at your wedding. A good place for the dress code for the wedding is in the invitation or on your wedding website, you can state what you want your guest to wear. Attire can be anywhere from formal black tie to casual jeans and polos. You can say how you want your guests to … Continue reading “Dressing Up or Down?”