The Princess who Knocked

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During my time in the castle, I remember a lot of my Princesses. One day, in the early afternoon, I was approached by a manager and asked if I wouldn’t mind staying after work a little bit extra that day. Of course, I said yes, I would love to stay late, whatever they need. So, I ask a little bit more about why and I’m told that there is a princess coming who has been practicing on her older brother’s … Continue reading “The Princess who Knocked”

How I Met My Husband.

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Story Time! When I was 14 or 15, I wrote the ten qualities I wanted in a husband.  If someone didn’t have my full list of qualities, it made it easy to say no to continuing or pursuing a relationship. In my mid 20’s, when I couldn’t find a guy, I would go back to that list and be like, okay, finding somebody with all of these is going to be really hard. I just have to be patient and … Continue reading “How I Met My Husband.”