A Wedding Planner’s Tips for Attending Wedding Shows

I love wedding shows. I attend them, I take clients to them, and I showcase at them.

Here are my top tips for when you are attending a Wedding Show:

  1. Create a Wedding-Only email address. You’ll use it to register for prizes, add yourself to email lists, and communicate wedding details. After the wedding, you can log out and never use it again.
  2. Register in advance. Tickets are usually lower cost when you register or sign up before the day of the show or on site.
  3. Take your Fiancé. This is YOUR (plural) wedding. Both of you have opinions and the wedding planning process is just the beginning of relationship and marriage communication. Practice now. Learn each other now. Talk about it all, now.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. And, a cute top. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take cute photos with props for social media, so you’ll want to be ready. You’ll also be doing a lot of walking and blisters are not fun for anyone.
  5. Eat before you go. Yes, I know, there are a TON of samples given out at Wedding Shows, but they aren’t a meal.
  6. Take a notebook and pen. You are going to see TONS and if you want to do something, buy something, love a service provider (vendor), and you’ll want to remember after the show ends.
  7. Have a plan. Are you brainstorming for your upcoming wedding? Are you attending looking specifically for a DJ or Photographer?
  8. Make sure your group knows what the goal for attending is – are you wanting information? Are you ready to book? Do you have a budget amount in mind?

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