Weather or Knot

Weather can be a tricky thing to plan around. When planning your wedding you should think about the weather that could occur on your day. Start with the month and season that you are getting married in and then google. Type your zip code, plus your wedding month. Google will show you the average temperatures for each day, as well as how many days have precipitation, on average. Then, you’ll know exactly what to plan for!

First and foremost don’t let the weather ruin your day, it can make it more memorable! When talking to your venue, one of the first things to ask is “Do you have a rain or snow plan?” If they have one that, is a good sign and it means that they are always prepared for anything. If they do not have a plan, you can work with them to make one.

If you are having your wedding in an outdoor venue, during a time where mother nature acts up a lot, make sure that you are prepared. This is where having a Wedding Planner, even for Month Of or Day Of Coordination can make a difference. Wedding Planners are often ready for anything, and can talk through your concerns.

Tips for rain

  1. Offer umbrellas for your guests in your wedding colors.
  2. Rent a tent or ask your venue if they are able to provide one (most venues know other vendors and can recommend a trusted partner for any outdoor contingency plans).
  3. Ask your venue if they have indoor spaces available. Sometimes, you can reserve the inside portion for an additional fee. If they don’t, continue to watch the weather forecast in the weeks prior to your wedding date.
  4. Ask your venue about weather-related maintenance. If the pathways get muddy, do they put down mulch? If pathways are flooded out, do they have signage or make the danger known to patrons?
  5. If there is no tent, make sure whoever is walking you down the aisle has an large umbrella to hold over you. (It’s called a “Golf Umbrella” and not only are they massive, but they come in EVERY COLOR!)

Pro Tip: If your venue says you need a rain plan and they would like your permission to rent a tent. Rent the tent. Soggy guests do not enjoy weddings and that’s all they’ll talk about for YEARS to come!

Tips for snow

  1. Know the local snow emergency procedures. (Here in Ohio, we have levels. At Level 3, no one’s going anywhere for a while.)
  2. Watch the weather as your date approaches. Read your venue contract and ask about their weather cancellation policy.
  3. Ask your venue about their parking lot and sidewalk clearing process. Do they use a snow removal company or is it their in-house maintenance team? Do they do preventative salting? Is someone on call 24/7 to begin the process as the snow starts?
  4. Remember, safety is key.

Pro Tip: If you have guests who do not know how to drive in snow, designate someone as the rescue team. Give out that person’s cell phone number and have them available to find guests and get them to your venue location(s). Trust me. It’s easier to have someone designated and not need them, than it is to have to wonder about Aunt Esther and if she’s going to make it to the ceremony on time.

Tips for wind

  1. Hairspray, Hairspray, Hairspray. Works great on hair and can help with short skirts, especially with delicate fabrics.
  2. Outdoor Ceremonies are prone to wind. Check the weather and look at the wind chill factor. Anything more than 5 degrees will feel much cooler (or colder) than it actually is outside.
  3. Providing wedding color and monogramed (or dated) blankets or shawls can be a lovely way to bring your theme and guest comfort full circle.
  4. Make it known on your wedding invitation, website, or event page that the area is known for wind. That way guests can be prepared and dress for the weather!

Pro Tip: Use a weather related item (umbrellas, blankets, fans, etc.) and have them color branded for your wedding. Colored umbrellas, fleece blankets with your name, wedding date, monogram, on them, fans in your colors, can all add a fun colorful touch to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Tips for heat

Weddings in the heat bring unique challenges. A few ways to beat the heat:

  1. Have indoor options for the Bridal Party, elderly guests, and all of the guests.
  2. Provide fans for all of the guests as favors. You can even have your program printed on fans for everyone.
  3. Rent a tent or two to have available for all the guests to get out of the sun.
  4. Provide bottled water and extra ice for beverages. Encourage all of your guests to stay hydrated with water, not just adult beverages.
  5. Minimize the outdoor time frame, if possible. Talk with your officiant about keeping the ceremony to a minimum. Also, ensure your DJ or MC knows to continue reminding guests to drink water throughout the day and evening festivities.

These are just some general tips for weather on your day, I really hope this helps when you are planning your big day. Just keep in mind your contract is the backbone of your agreement with your venue, be very specific when what you want your weather plans to be, because weather is very unpredictable. Something that you can do is go with a month that may not have so many weather issues. Like April, it tends to rain a lot this month, if you don’t want that but you want spring, maybe have your wedding in May. It is your day, and if bad weather does not bother you, then by all means go head. At the end of the day, it’s your day and you should not let bad weather ruin what your day and your love is. 

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